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  • You’re having trouble defining your value proposition
  • Your brand experience isn’t living up to your promise
  • Your customers and employees don’t know what you stand for
  • Your offerings are confusing or need to be updated after a big change


  • Your company’s tone or message changes dramatically across touchpoints
  • Your customers seem unclear about the services or benefits you provide
  • You require targeted marketing communications to stimulate call to action
  • You’re missing clear guidance for the many teams that develop your communications
  • You’re going through a big change and need to tell a new story


  • You haven’t evolved your visual identity in many years
  • Your brand doesn’t stand out in your category
  • Your visual expression is inconsistent across businesses or geographies
  • You’re going through a merger, acquisition or spinoff and need to reevaluate your visual identity


  • You’re considering a rebrand and need to understand the implications
  • You’ve decided to rebrand and need to establish an implementation plan
  • You want to understand the full universe of your brand touchpoints
  • You want to better manage your brand experience
  • It’s time to assess how well your company is adhering to its brand standards


  • Launching a new company or a new line of products or services
  • Undergoing a brand merger, acquisition or spinoff
  • Simplifying and clarifying your product portfolio
  • Trying to describe something that didn’t exist before
  • Getting control of your product names


  • You need to reignite your workforce following a rebrand or organizational change
  • You’ve been through a merger or acquisition and need to unite different cultures
  • Your employees are struggling to stay motivated in your mission
  • You want to enhance your reputation as an employer


T. +44 (0)20 8875 0907
E. london@designmotive.co.uk


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T. +44 (0)20 8875 0907
E. london@designmotive.co.uk