Design Motive create a new corporate and visual identity for OLAM. Implementation included stationery, collateral, signage, advertising, livery, website and video.

Design Motive produces new corporate video - visiting over 15 countries worldwide.

Design Motive produces new corporate brochure

The Design Motive team grasped the opportunity to work with Olam on a significant global re-brand project. Coming out of our 25th anniversary year, we wanted to refresh our brand identity by modernising our logo and tightening our messaging. Design Motive were a supportive and creative partner in this programme – digging under the skin of who we are through interviews and research; developing a range of initial concepts based on those findings; presenting to our senior team; evolving the chosen route and applying the logo to all our working contexts from stationery to buildings to work wear.

This was no simple task, as we opted to go for Business Unit sub-brands and our structure is further complicated by a range of Joint Venture entities, acquired businesses and product brands – all of which needed to be slotted into a logical hierarchy. The branding has had a striking impact on our Board, staff and customers who have felt energised by the new look.

Finally the team at Design Motive translated this great work into a new Corporate video and brochure now both used by our team of 56,000 staff in over 70 countries to help us explain our business.
— Briony Mathieson, OLAM Marketing Director