Driving sales through social media with amazing results.

Lockdown presented a unique opportunity for our client to help businesses communicate better online with professional looking film and sound. Working closely with Vitec Imaging Solutions, we defined and delivered a B2B2C awareness campaign targeting a very specific set of demographics via LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. The campaign ran for 4 weeks, we think the results speak for themselves.

“Design Motive successfully defined, planned and delivered a targeted campaign within a very short time frame, to build awareness and drive traffic to our microsite via LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram ‚Äď with hugely impressive results!.”

Chris Carr
Executive VP Sales , Vitec Imaging Solutions

“Working with the Design Motive team was effortless. Right from the very start, they listened to our needs and objectives, and delivered a comprehensive, well-thought-out and thoroughly researched plan of action. Throughout the campaign, they provided regular feedback and results ‚Äď and, together, we made adjustments and improvements as we experienced what worked and which cohorts responded better. We were very happy with the results and continue to communicate with our newly identified B2B customers.”

Mark Langley
Sales and Marketing Director, Vitec Imaging Solutions